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Uni-rack: 550 mm Base Unit No Bars SKU: 6455000

£395.00 Ex VAT
£474.00 Inc VAT

Jalema Uni racks are suitable for Job-, Uni- and Repro-files.

Uni racks are supplied as do-it-yourself kits and include clear assembly instructions.
Assembly is extremely simple. Racks can be expanded next to each other in an unlimited quantity.
The profiles can be adjusted in height every 3 cm. They have to be ordered separately.
Files of smaller size are suspended in the upper section and larger files in the lower section.
The maximum evenly distributed load is 200 kg per profile.
Racks of 550 mm depth designed for files up to 640 x 795 mm.

The Picture shows a Uni rack and an extension.

SKU: 6455000



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