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Face Shield Complete | Safe & protective PKT.10 pcs

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Safe and face shielding tool in the fight against the Corona virus / PKT.10 Completely protect your face and your eyes from all sides from sneezes and spittle with this comfortable face shield usable in all work conditions.

This lightweight face shield is made in the Netherlands and is punched out of one piece of polypropylene (PP). It's also provided with an elastic band, making it very easy to assemble.

The face shield has been developed in such a way that it fits everyone and there is enough space left to wear glasses and/or a mouth cap underneath. The material is easy to clean and kind to the skin.

Tarifold would like to contribute to the care, but also focuses on all contact professions. such as dentists, physiotherapists, factory employees, pedicures, etc. Functional hygienic PP face shield with side flaps. Double elastic strap. Elastic with 3 adjustable sizes. Delivered flat with assembly instructions to be assembled by user.

Comfortable to wear even with a mask. Shield held away from face thanks to folds. Side flaps ensure face is fully shielded from all sides.

Super transparent.
Easy to adjust for a custom fit : suitable for all adult head sizes.
Reusable: easily cleanable with disinfectant products.
Designed to protect whole face from sneezes, spittle, sprays, splashes, droplets, flying debris, etc. Suitable for home, office, school, commerce and industrial use. For people who are at high risk of contamination: pharmacies, supermarkets, shops, administrative offices, banks, schools, restaurants, etc. 
clear semi-rigid PP. Dimensions: 245 x 220 mm.
Clean with disinfectant product and soft non-scratch cloth. 10 pcs per bag.
Haze value: 11%



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