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Arnato file: RED with JalemaClip Pkt 100 5555515

£140.00 Ex VAT
£168.00 Inc VAT

Arnato Fastener Files with JalemaClip






This file is equipped with the characteristic yellow JalemaClip attachment mechanism, which allows you to easily thumb through documents like a book. 

The perforation holes won’t tear and documents can be easily and quickly inserted and removed. What’s more, you can make copies of the documents without having to remove them from the file. The JalemaClip won’t make the file bulky, and the special clamping device prevents the contents from sagging. 

The files also come with an insert compartment for holding loose documents. The Arnato Fastener File with JalemaClip is ideal for files that require frequent insertion and removal of documents, such as when filing alphabetically or by document type.

Prod. no.  5555515
Description RED Fastener File with JalemaClip 
(Suspension File) 
Size/mm. 320 x 260/250 
Stand. pack. 100
Capacity  20 mm


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