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Rapid 106E Electric Stapler

£495.00 Ex VAT
£594.00 Inc VAT

Rapid 106E benchtop electric saddle and flat stapling Machine ONLY £495 + Vat (inc 30,000 staples )



  • Supplied with Foot pedal as standard 
  • Staple depth variable up to 100mm
  • 230-240v/50Hz operationaried applications - three staplers in one: flat and saddle stapling. Loop stapling as optional extra
  • Flexible - two or more staplers can be linked for simultaneous stapling
  • Functional - adjustable stapling depth and variable impact force
  • Quality - reliable operation, long service life (replaceable staple head.)
  • Safe to use - stapling head guard and clearly visible, easy to access stapling zone
  • User friendly - front-loading. Automatic or pedal controlled stapling.
  • Standard table allowing single head flat stapling and single single head saddling stapling.



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