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Calendar Binding Kit Thumb Cut Punch & Wires & Hangers

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£102.00 Inc VAT

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The Package includes the following:
One Peach Personal Wire Binder Punch and Closing machine 3:1 Pitch.
One Calbuddy Thumb Cut Punch.
One Box containing 100 Ring Wires A4 size, 34 Loop 1/4" 6.9mm.
One Pack of 100 x 57mm Calendar hangers.
This is handy little wire binding machine which punches 34 sq holes on the long edge of an A4 Sheet. Punching Capacity: 6 sheets of 75-80gram.
Binding Capacity: 4.5mm or 45 sheets.
The Machine both punches the holes and closes the wire.
Please choose Black White or sliver wires when ordering.


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