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Card Creaser

The increase in short run digital printing in recent years has produced a strong demand for stand alone card creasing machines. In the past this job would have been performed by a Heidelberg cylinder or similar, short runs make this uneconomical. Card needs to be creased prior to folding because when card is manufactured the fibres in the card lay in all directions. If you then fold the card without creasing it the fibres fold in different directions, this breaks the surface of the card and look untidy, also if the card is printed the colour of the card will show through the ink. This is most apparent when printing Black on White stock. The blade and matrix system used in our creasing machines will compress the fibres in the card forming a u shaped channel. The card can then be folded with the raised edge inside; this eliminates any danger of cracking and produces the same results as if the card where creased on a cylinder or platen machine.

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